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We charge 12% of first year's salary of the candidate that you hire. It's on a purely month-to-month basis. No lock-in or long term contracts 😎

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What's an example of how the pricing works?

    If you hire someone for $100k, then you would pay $1k/month starting on their start date for up to 12 months max.

    If they leave or are let go for any reason, you just stop paying.

    If they stick around for at least 12 months, you would have paid a total of $12k over that total period.

  • Are there any up front costs?

    No - you only pay if you end up hiring someone through the site. We will begin charging you on a monthly basis beginning on their start date.

  • What happens if we let them go?

    If you stop working with them for any reason (you let them go, they decide to leave, etc.), then you simply stop paying the monthly fee.

  • Will these be direct hires?

    Yes, you will hire them directly just like any other candidate that you hire normally. We simply charge a fee.

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