Hire Talent For Your Bitcoin Company.

Finding technical talent in the Bitcoin ecosystem is challenging. Let us help you out.


We charge 12% of first year's salary on a purely month-to-month basis. No lock-in or long term contracts 😎

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • As a client, would we be hiring the candidate directly?

    Yes, you would hire them and pay them directly just like any other hire. We would just charge you the hiring commission.

  • What happens if we let them go?

    If you stop working with them for any reason (you let them go, they decide to leave, etc.), then you simply stop paying the monthly fee.

  • What does the process look like?

    Once you sign up and we review your job listing, we will ask you any clarifying questions and then start sending you candidates by email.

Browse Candidates

You can browse candidate profiles anonymously below. Once you are accepted as a client, you will be able to see full candidate details.

Apply To Become A Client

  • Fill out the form

    Just fill out this quick form here.

  • We'll follow up with any questions

    Check your email or LinkedIn messages for follow up questions.

  • No up front fees

    You will only be charged if you end up hiring one of our candidates.

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